Maison Nardin

We are the shellfish experts. Our mission is to source and distribute the best oysters and shellfish
in the world while respecting our oceans, customers, vendors and employees.

Who's Maison Nardin?

Founded by Alain Lord Mounir owner of the internationally World- Renowned Champagne House Florence & Nardin producing unparalleled 1er Cru champagne wine.

The spirit behind Maison Nardin oyster farm has always cultivated excellence a value dear to the house that we strive to pass on for future generations.

From our production to your tables, we carry out rigorous checks every day to guarantee you the best of our production.

We started at a time when only a few people were exploring the possibilities of modern aquaculture in the Îles de la Madeleine, and it took a lot of determination, collaboration and a few fortuitous accidents to get to where we are now.

Anyone who grows oysters for a living will tell you that it's as much a lifestyle choice as it is a business. We wanted to build around the idea of working with nature, and it turned out that oyster farming offered us that and much more.